Every technical person and people who think they know technology have an opinion on how to fix ACA or Obama care’s Insurance exchanges. 

A better solution would be let multiple private companies, most likely current health insurance brokers, run the ACA Exchanges. Competition between these companies would ensure that the solution will be of a much higher quality than the current mess. Government regulators could setup standards and oversee these Exchanges.

As a resident of California, I could go to any California health exchange and buy the same plans and the broker makes money on the transaction.  At the start the Health Exchange could be brochures, paper/pdf forms and phone calls (remember the goal here is sign up folks who have fallen off the insurance bandwagon),  but would rapidly evolve in SaaS and Smart phone apps. There would be lots of choices and no central point of failure.

This enables us to have a free market solution to this problem that is regulated by the government.

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