The Entrepreneur role was the most challenging one and I learnt what it meant to run your own Software start-up. So, why did I do it – I had an idea that would make a difference in people lives.

The idea was context based communication. Every communication takes place within a context. Take for example, a bug tracking system. When Joe, a Program Manager sees a bug that he wants more information on, he emails Amy, the developer. However, the email thread is not recorded with the context (in this case, the bug). If Amy and Joe leave the company, this information is forever lost. i3Connect tried to create a platform for applications like Bug Trackers, etc. to record context but still use communication tools like Email and IM to send information.

The learning’s from this venture go beyond just Entrepreneur experience. It gave me insights into different aspects of the software industry – from transforming vision into execution, differences between a Manager and a Leader, viral marketing and creating products that customers evangelize.