Microsoft Build 2014 thoughts

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Thanks to Microsoft’s Channel 9 for the live keynote and recording of sessions, it feels like I was there :-) It was great to see Scott Guthrie talk on Azure advances in the last year and what’s coming. I am amazed how much Azure has come in the last two years. Just the portal advances [...]

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Every technical person and people who think they know technology have an opinion on how to fix ACA or Obama care's Insurance exchanges. A better solution would be let multiple private companies, most likely current health insurance brokers, run the ACA Exchanges. Competition between these companies would ensure that the solution will be of a much [...]

Why create i3Connect?

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The Entrepreneur role was the most challenging one and I learnt what it meant to run your own Software start-up. So, why did I do it – I had an idea that would make a difference in people lives. The idea was context based communication. Every communication takes place within a context. Take for example, [...]

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