Visual Thinking

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Visual Thinking is a communication method that uses pictures to show ideas, concepts, people, places, things and connects them via process flows and relationships. It is backed by research that the brain processes images faster and diagrams with relationships have a higher retention value. Read more at

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GyanQuest apps

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Proud of creating GyanQuest apps for kids. Safety and Fun were the number 1 features. Our apps are designed for our kids. Safety was the first goal. Ads, Popups to external sites, InApp purchases that Popup, Social Media integration were non starters. We were tired of our kids seeing inappropriate stuff. Fun is an important [...]

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Women in Computer Science

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In my CS college in India, the ratio of women to men was 40:60. In the US, the ratio is lower which is more puzzling. It is a difficult problem to solve and here is why. My daughter is in Elementary school and she loves Minecraft. Recently, I was surprised to find out that she did [...]

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