Interview Process

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Let me say that the Tech Interview process that most major companies use is screwed up. When your company recruiter has to send your candidate a book on how to interview, it is messed up. What end up happening is the even the creators of popular open source software can't pass the interview. Would [...]

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Proof of Concept projects

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Most of the time, your developers will be working on legacy code, some of which may be out of date and boring to work on. They will push for moving to the latest release of their favorite language and framework. Most managers make the mistake of shooting down the ideas because they feel it is [...]

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What is Situational Leadership

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I first heard of Situational Leadership during Intel's training for Managers. It is about adjusting your style of management according to the Situation. I will let Matt's video explain the concept. Along with the Golden rule for managing people, following this method will help you become a great leader.  

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Building a great product – Start with an Empowered Product Owner

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A Camel is a horse designed by a committee! One reason bigger companies fail to innovate is there is no ONE Empowered Product Owner (or product manager, program manager, etc.) that owns the entire product vision. Even if there is one person assigned responsible for the product, he/she is not empowered to make the final decision [...]

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Fortune favors the brave

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As someone who is interested in American football, it is always puzzling to see coaches punt or kick a field goal when their team is 4 and short. Sometimes there are valid reasons to do this, but most times they are too conservative or want to take the easy way out. You can't get fired [...]

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Managing People

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Some time back a new manager asked me what is the secret for managing people. As a technical guy, he felt that managing his team created nothing but headaches. His new team members were slow and he could do the work faster than explaining what needs to be done. He understood that he needed to [...]

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