Silicon Valley Founders

Let’s get together to discuss startup issues from incubating ideas, founding companies and scaling them. This group focuses on issues that technology startup entrepreneurs run into when building the startup. We will meet at HackerDojo or Microsoft Bizspark labs in Mountain View, Silicon Valley. Events include brown bag lunch sessions, pitching events and other startup related events.

Brown Bag Lunch sessions
These are group discussion sessions with a small number (10) of founders to discuss issues to that affect them and how they resolve it. It’s also a place to ask for advice and share what works.

Presentation and Demo events
These are bigger events for around 50-100 folks where we plan to get a founder, investor or advice talk on a particular topic.

Pitch event
Practice your pitch and get feedback from other founders.

Meet a lawyer, accountant, investor,etc.
Need free advice from a professional.

We can meet at HackerDojo or Bizspark labs or any alternate locations which you can book. Sponsors are always welcome but we are more interested in the content of the event.