Creating a new Meetup – Silicon Valley Founders

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Silicon Valley Founders About Let's get together to discuss startup issues from incubating ideas, founding companies and scaling them. This group focuses on issues that technology startup entrepreneurs run into when building the startup. We will meet at HackerDojo or Microsoft Bizspark labs in Mountain View, Silicon Valley. Events include brown bag lunch sessions, [...]

Introduction to MonoTouch and ServiceStack at Silicon valley code camp 2012

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Here are the presentations for my sessions at SVCC on MonoTouch and ServiceStack. Some good questions from the attendees. I had setup my Sony Nexus 5 to record these sessions but the camera overheated and stopped working. I will probably give these presentations at another group and will try to make sure to record this. [...]

Style, Multimedia, Relationships and HTML

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Style, Multimedia, Relationships and HTML -Ash on Jan 18 1998 1. Abstract This article starts with : how adding style standards preserved the difference between structural markup and presentation attributes. It tries to extend style to support multimedia and points out why that's a bad idea. It introduces a concept of relationships between the different [...]