Here are the presentations for my sessions at SVCC on MonoTouch and ServiceStack. Some good questions from the attendees.

I had setup my Sony Nexus 5 to record these sessions but the camera overheated and stopped working. I will probably give these presentations at another group and will try to make sure to record this.

[slideshare id=14637449&doc=monotouch-121008105111-phpapp01]

We used MonoTouch to develop our Mobi Reports Pro, Mobi Office and App Catalog iPhone and iPad products.

[slideshare id=14637606&doc=servicestack-121008110406-phpapp01]

We have used ServiceStack for our REST web service layer for Mobi App Catalog.

At some point in the future, I will write up how we built App Catalog with ServiceStack, AngularJS, ASP.NET, MonoTouch, MonoDroid, Visual Studio 2012, Windows RT and Bootstrap.

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