Cisco Search


Lead for Search which surfaces information from Cisco websites to enable customers to find the information they are looking for. Supports Natural Language questions and provides helpful answers. 

Mobi Office


Connect to Office 365 and Sharepoint to view your documents on your mobile device. No server software to buy. No servers to manage. Install the app to get going. Empower your Employees to get the latest docs information at their fingertips. Protect your existing Microsoft investments in Sharepoint. Built using best technologies on the Mobile, [...]

FYI Finance, Trade Promoter


Think Systems, a decision-support software developer based in Parsippany,N.J., has introduced four applications designed for use by large consumer-goods companies. FYI Planner is a forecasting/planning system designed to help companies forecast and plan their sales and inventory cycles. FYI Sales is a query, analysis and reporting system that gives sales-people immediate access to the up-to-date [...]