Surely, you are joking Mr. Fenyman

I read Fenyman’s book in high school and it should be a must read for students and folks like Rick Perry.  Feynman explains what science is and what a scientific experiment should be.  His example of Cargo cult science is classic.

Wikipedia has a good definition of Cargo cult programming that is based on the same concept.

Next time you interview someone, check if he/she is a cargo cult programmer.

Here are some tips to identify them…

  • Starts by writing a class factory instead of a class
  • Implements their own framework rather then reusing an existing framework
  • The classes and their relations look like spaghetti when drawn on paper
  • Not Invented here mindset
  • Rewrites other folks code without talking to them
  • Applies the latest patterns, processes and methodologies without really understanding them
  • Thinks users are stupid
  • Writes code before understanding the user’s goals

What other things can you add to this list? Contact me @SoftwareWeaver

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