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Here is a brief portfolio of my work over couple of decades building software. Love building software that people love. Led development teams for last couple of decades and was the Lead Architect and Developer for most of the products or projects. Some OLD links may not work.

I fell in love with software, when I was 9 years watching a BBC program on computers. Software was malleable and all you needed was a computer. In those days, the popular home computer was ZX Spectrum that connected to your TV. Engineering college was my first exposure to expandable computers like the IBM PC. After flirting with Hardware design, I decided that software was my passion. DOS and Turbo Pascal the hot languages in the late 80s but I found that I was passionate about User Experience. After salivating about the Mac, I found a pirated copy of Windows 2.03 and loaded it on the college PC XT, the one with a hard drive. While it sucked, the potential was there.

My Final year college project in 1991-92 was writing a Circuit Design Editor in Windows using Turbo C++. the first of it’s kind and seminar was on Natural UIs on how multi-modal interfaces will change the way we interact with computers. With Siri (iPhone) and Cortana (Windows Phone), we are seeing this happen 20+ years later.

After college, I decided to focus on Windows and UX development and built Think FYI Trade Marketing. When helping customer build Analytical models for it, I discovered the Internet, thanks to Fry’s Electronics selling a NetCom Browser CD. While I had used Compuserve before, the open standards of the Internet were a game changer.

When consulting at various companies in the gorgeous Pacific Northwest, I and a friend built a Windows web server, called IDBA (Intranet Database Assistant) that used templates to convert SQL Data in Access, Oracle, etc. into interactive HTML pages. At Intel in 1996, I was involved with Intercast, that broadcasted web pages using the unseen VBI lines of Broadcast TV.

Coming to Sunny California in the Summer of 1997, I built a Web ATM UI Framework for Wells Fargo to do custom transactions like Check Deposit, Ski Ticket sales,etc. If you withdrew money from a Wells ATM, then my software controlled the UI and devices that dispensed the cash using Dynamic HTML (HTML/CSS/Javascript) and Visual Basic controllers.

Based on my work on HTML, I presented a paper, “HTMLX – A universal container”, at the Future of HTML conference organized by the W3C. I wished the W3C would have called the next version HTMLX (HTML extended), instead of XHTML and adopted ideas that would make HTML more of a platform for App Developers.

In 2000, we founded a startup, I3Connect, to develop Context based Communication solutions and builtVista IM client and Merlin Enterprise IM server. Unfortunately, despite rave review, we could not get VC funding after the .COM crash. After building a Software Reuse program and product for Intel, I helped Wells Fargo develop a next generation Wow ATM and this time I got one UI patent approved.

Went in the high end UX consulting space and built News Readers for Forbes and Seattle PI. Also, built demos for Bill Gates for Sharepoint and CRM conference. Created next generation versions of UI clients for companies used 10 year old VB Forms in the Financial, Medical and Government spaces.

I fell in love with iPhone and later iPad and built Mobile Enterprise hybrid apps for using iOS and Web technologies. Mobi SSRS connected to Microsoft SQL Server BI and Mobi Office connected to Microsoft Sharepoint. After experimenting with Mobile Management products like App Catalog and Apps Mana, we decided to go into Context based Cloud and Mobile solutions.

Currently, working on Mobi Local, which surfaces local data from various sources based on Location Context and provides services to end users using a Mobile app + Cloud backend. You can download it from the App Store.

Some of My Work Is Featured Below.