Fortune favors the brave

As someone who is interested in American football, it is always puzzling to see coaches punt or kick a field goal when their team is 4 and short. Sometimes there are valid reasons to do this, but most times they are too conservative or want to take the easy way out. You can't get fired

Managing People

Some time back a new manager asked me what is the secret for managing people. As a technical guy, he felt that managing his team created nothing but headaches. His new team members were slow and he could do the work faster than explaining what needs to be done. He understood that he needed to

Taking SVFounders to the next level

SVFounders is now 230+ members and I wanted to explore ideas to take it to the next level to help founders. It looks like many of our Founders are on the way to an MVP and need help with Pitches, Marketing, Angel Investors and Legal issues. Silicon Valley's answer to this is Accelerators pioneered by

Creating a new Meetup – Silicon Valley Founders

Silicon Valley Founders About Let's get together to discuss startup issues from incubating ideas, founding companies and scaling them. This group focuses on issues that technology startup entrepreneurs run into when building the startup. We will meet at HackerDojo or Microsoft Bizspark labs in Mountain View, Silicon Valley. Events include brown bag lunch sessions,

Welcome Again

Welcome again to another of my efforts to create a blog. This is probably the sixth or seventh effort and to be honest, I am hoping that this works better than the last few efforts. The goal of this blog is to capture thoughts that will be useful to someone :-) If you want to

Controlled failures – Letting someone fall of the bike

Sometimes the best way to convince someone that their way will not work is letting them fail early without any major impacts.In my first job in the early 90s, Microsoft shipped a version control called Delta with MSDN. It was not really good and did not have any Developer tool integration but it supported basic