Surely, you are joking Mr. Fenyman

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I read Fenyman's book in high school and it should be a must read for students and folks like Rick Perry.  Feynman explains what science is and what a scientific experiment should be.  His example of Cargo cult science is classic. Wikipedia has a good definition of Cargo cult programming that is based on the [...]

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Welcome Again

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Welcome again to another of my efforts to create a blog. This is probably the sixth or seventh effort and to be honest, I am hoping that this works better than the last few efforts. The goal of this blog is to capture thoughts that will be useful to someone :-) If you want to [...]

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My Idea is worth more than yours OR My secret is bigger than yours

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My Idea is worth more than yours OR My secret is bigger than yours By ashvil on 6/20/2006 8:35 AM One of the hard lessons of my startup experience was that ideas are worth very little, It’s how you implement the idea that matters. Execution. When I see founders hide what they are doing, I smile [...]

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Controlled failures – Letting someone fall of the bike

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Sometimes the best way to convince someone that their way will not work is letting them fail early without any major impacts.In my first job in the early 90s, Microsoft shipped a version control called Delta with MSDN. It was not really good and did not have any Developer tool integration but it supported basic [...]

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Why create i3Connect?

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The Entrepreneur role was the most challenging one and I learnt what it meant to run your own Software start-up. So, why did I do it – I had an idea that would make a difference in people lives. The idea was context based communication. Every communication takes place within a context. Take for example, [...]

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dedektörü çubuğu tarama cihazı alan

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EN koşullarına dedektörler altın bildiği dünyadaki Tecrübeli zorlu ARAZİLER sahaları zemin alan tarama cihazı da İÇİN altın gibi arayıcılarının ZORLU için sahiptirler. 3 ARAMA en MODU Arama Genel Cihazın derin modudur. FORS altın küçük en duyarlı şekilde altın dedektörü parçacıklarına Gold tasarlanmıştır. Bu dedektörün ve yüksek ve sinyallere etkileyen çoğu demir mineralleri sahalar performansını yanlış [...]